How To Troubleshoot Your Space Heater


Space heaters are a great way to warm up the room you're in without having to turn on your main heating source. They are also perfect if you don't have heat inside your home, but don't want to go through the cost of having it installed. While space heaters are sturdy and reliable appliances, they will occasionally need maintenance just like other appliances. Here are some common issues and repairs to help you troubleshoot your space heater.

19 February 2015

How to Load Your Dishwasher for Cleaner Dishes


Have you ever wondered if there is a "best" way to pack your dishwasher? Even though dishwashers come in different makes and models, there are proper techniques to loading them so that you get dishes that are as clean as possible. Before you start loading dishwasher, just remember that certain items do not belong in a dishwasher. Materials such as pewter, wood, bronze, and cast iron should be washed my hand and never go in a dishwasher.

10 February 2015