Three Ways To Boost Your Home's Air Conditioning Without Making Bills Skyrocket


If you're trying to save money on your utility bills by turning off air conditioning on warmer days, you may want to rethink that. Using the air conditioning helps protect you from heat illness, poor decision making, and even a shortened temper. But air conditioning can be expensive if you have to run it a lot, like during a heat wave. Here are three ways to help boost the cooling without making your utility bills go sky high.

Blackout Drapes

Blinds and regular curtains just aren't enough to block out heat-carrying light. Even if you have your windows completely covered, light can still seep in around the sides of blinds, increasing the amount of heat transferring into the room. Heat also has an easier time transferring through thin curtain material. To reduce the amount of heat creeping into the room through windows, add blackout drapes that cover all edges of the window, and ensure the drapes don't let light shine through. Some drapes are marketed as blackout, but when you put them up, you still see a lot of light shining through the material; don't use these. Go for drapes that use very thick material.

Awnings and Landscaping

If you are trying to redo your garden, this might be a good time to plant some fast-growing trees on the south and west of your home. That will increase your water usage, so if you're also trying to save water, this might not work for you. But if watering trees is not a problem for you, look for fast growers that grow tall enough to block sunlight from reaching all floors in your house.

If you can't or won't add trees, look for awnings that you can attach to the tops of the windows outside your home. Anything that shades your home from the sun will result in a reduction in the amount of heat in your home, which will make it easier for your air conditioning to keep the place cool without increasing your bills substantially.

Door Insulation

Double-check and replace the weather stripping around your front and back doors. Remember to look at the bottom edge as well; install a door sweeper there if needed. What you want to do is prevent the nice cool air in your home from leaking out, and prevent the hot air outdoors from leaking in.

If you want more ways to help out your air conditioner, including getting it cleaned and serviced to ensure it's working as efficiently as possible, contact an air conditioner installation and repair company now. Don't wait until those random heat waves in spring become unrelenting heat in summer.

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26 February 2016

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