How To Spot And Replace A Broken Bake Element


If you are experiencing difficulty with your stove where food is not being heated to the full temperature setting you have designated, there is a chance you will need to replace the bake element. This is a fairly easy repair you can do on your own. Here are the signs that the bake element is broken and how to replace it.

Note The Food Condition

There are two large metal elements in a stove. The one on the bottom half is the bake element, and it is responsible for cooking the bottom portion of your food. The top metal piece is the broil element.  If your food comes out of the stove only cooked on the top and cool to the touch along the bottom of the pan or dish, the bake element is most likely the culprit causing this condition.

Often a person will keep the food in the stove longer if it does not seem to be heating. They will then find that the top portion is burned while the bottom is barely warm. This is a telltale sign of a broken bake element.  If you have a condition where the food is not cooked at all, both elements may need replacing or you may have a problem with your thermostat.

Inspect The Element

Turn on your stove and place an oven mitt over your hand. Touch the bake element after several minutes to see if it has any warmth emitting from it at all. See if it turns orange when you turn the thermostat to a normal baking temperature. If not, unplug the stove and check the connections in the back to see if everything is plugged in properly.

Look at the element for blistering or cracking, as this is a sign of wear. Use a multi-meter to see if the element has continuity. If not, it will need to be replaced. If it does, there may be another problem with the stove causing it to heat improperly. 

Make The Element Swap

Look up the make and model of your stove and locate an appliance service to order you a replacement bake element. Turn off your stove's power completely when making a replacement. Either unplug it from the wall or turn it off at the main circuit panel.

The bake element is screwed into the bottom portion of your stove. Unscrew the screws so you can pull the element forward a few inches. This will allow you to access screws which hold wires to the prongs in the back of the element. Unscrew these to release the prongs and pull the element out of the stove. Attach the wires to the prongs on the new element and secure them with screws. Push the element toward the back of the stove and screw it to the bottom of the stove.

For more information, contact All Brands-Appliance Repair or a similar company.


25 November 2015

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