Tips For Troubleshooting Your Electric Stove And Oven


Many problems that you may experience with an electric stove can quickly be identified and resolved. Below, you will find a quick troubleshooting guide to assist you in finding the problem so that you can make the repair:

Stove and Oven Don't Work at All

There are five things for you to check when the entire unit stops working.

  1. Check for a tripped breaker.
  2. Check for a loose plug – make sure that it fits into the outlet snugly.
  3. Test the electrical outlet – use a multitester to ensure that the outlet is carrying an electrical current.
  4. Examine the pigtail plug – look for any damage to the wire and check that the screws connecting it to the unit are snug.
  5. Look for internal wiring damage or disconnects. Mice can get inside the unit and chew wires and knock them loose. Shut the power off to the unit and remove the back panel. Look around inside to see if you can find any wiring that has been chewed or have been knocked loose. If you notice damage, contact your appliance repair professional. If you notice loose connections, tighten them and try the unit to see if that fixed your problem.

Oven Won't Heat Up

If the oven won't heat up at all, or won't reach the set temperature, a bad heating element could be causing the problem.

Turn on the oven. Watch as it preheats. Are both the top and bottom heating elements glowing? If not, the element that isn't glowing probably needs replaced or has a bad connection.

To test the element, wait until it cools and remove the element from the oven by carefully removing the screws holding it in place. Gently pull it away from the back of the oven and grip the connection coming from inside the back of the oven. Hold on to that connection as you pull the heating element out of the oven.

Now, touch each end of the element with the two multitester probes. The multimeter should display a reading of less than 30 ohms. Any reading beyond that shows that the element is in need of replacement.

Burner Doesn't Work

If you have a single burner that has stopped working, you can quickly test to see if the problem is caused by the burner, or if there are connection problems within the stove.

Remove the burner that isn't working and replace it with another burner from the stove that works. Turn it on. If the burner heats up, you simply need a new burner. If it doesn't heat up, you need to contact your local appliance repair technician to find the internal problem causing the issue.

These tests can give you an idea of what is wrong with your electric stove. If these tests don't assist with finding the problem and rectifying it, contact your local appliance repair technician for assistance. Contact a company such as Central Appliance Service with any questions or concerns you have.


12 August 2015

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