Bring Outside Heat To The Inside: An Outdoor Wood Furnace Saves Money In Winter


Heating bills can go way up in the winter, especially if your climate stays cold or freezing most of the time. To help with this problem, you can put an outdoor wood furnace outside to heat the inside of your home.

Learning How It Works

An outdoor wood furnace works by opening the door, putting wood in it, starting a fire, and then closing the door. Once the door is closed, a fan turns and stokes the flames to heat the water. There is a temperature setting that you preset to how hot you want the water heated. For example, you can choose 70 degrees if you want the inside of your home to be this temperature.

Once the water is heated, it circulates through the radiators in your home providing you with warmth. When the water is the desired temperature, the fan automatically turns off, and stifles the flames. When the temperature of the water goes down, the fan turns back on, and then the fire starts back to keep your home at the same temperature all the time.

If your home has a forced air system with ducts, a water to heat exchanger is placed in the furnace, and then it operates using only the fan to flow the warm air throughout the duct work into your home.

Heating Other Things

The outdoor wood furnace can heat multiple buildings at one time. Because of this, you will never again have to worry about working in a cold garage. It can also heat other things, such as a pool, hot tub, workshop, and more. If you have a greenhouse on your property, you can even use the furnace to keep it nice and toasty for the plants.

Using Wood

How much wood you need for your furnace depends on the size of it. In most cases, you can fill it up with wood in the morning to heat your house throughout the entire day and evening, and then fill it up again before you go to bed to heat your home while you are sleeping.

Saving Money

You can use the outdoor wood furnace as the only heat source for your home, so this turns into a significant amount of savings for you. You can also save money during the summer months by using this furnace to supply your home with hot water.

Talk with a furnace retailer who can determine the size of wood outdoor furnace your home needs. He or she can also tell you how to maintain the furnace so it will work for you for many years.


19 March 2015

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