How To Troubleshoot Your Space Heater


Space heaters are a great way to warm up the room you're in without having to turn on your main heating source. They are also perfect if you don't have heat inside your home, but don't want to go through the cost of having it installed. While space heaters are sturdy and reliable appliances, they will occasionally need maintenance just like other appliances. Here are some common issues and repairs to help you troubleshoot your space heater.

Lack of Power Supply

Any time you have an appliance that is suddenly not working, you should check the power supply. Since a space heater is a portable appliance, this will be easy to do. Make sure it is plugged into the outlet, and test that outlet with other small appliances or a lamp to be sure it is working properly. You should also check the cord itself and make sure it doesn't have any damage, as this could affect the power supply. This is the easiest thing to rule out, so it is always good to start with checking the power supply.

Issues With the Propane Supply

If your space heater is a gas or infrared heater, it runs on propane. Check the propane supply to be sure the propane tank is completely filled up. As you do so, you can also check to be sure the valve to the propane supply is in the open position. You can try lighting the propane supply, but make sure you are very cautious and safe while doing so. Start by opening the valve, then waiting a few minutes until you hear that the gas is coming out. Once you hear a clicking noise, you can light it. If you do not hear a clicking noise, don't light it as there is something else wrong with the appliance.

Look For Leaks and Connection Problems

After you are sure it is powered on and that the propane supply is lit and filled, check the connections. There may be a leak that is causing the space heater to have problems when you turn it on. To check for leaks, spray propane lines with a spray bottle of water and mild soap. You will see bubbles if any gas is escaping, which indicated a leak in the unit. You can also try disconnecting the tubes and removing any debris that might be clogging them. Clean the space heater front and back, check the fans, and remove any debris you find in the grille.

If you are still having problems with the space heater, contact an appliance repair technician, such as Affordable Appliance Repair.


19 February 2015

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